Forget PS5, Xbox Series X and Switch – PC is the best place to play

Forget PS5, Xbox Series X and Switch - PC is the best place to play

Time is everything, isn’t it? While we are running TechRader’s PC Gaming Week 2020Celebrating the best gaming platform on earth, both Nvidia and Intel have launched major products that will be a major hurdle for the future of PC gaming – further our point proves that Is a better place.

All this while Microsoft struggles with misery Xbox Series X Launch the lineup, now they Hello infinite delay, And at the same time Sony refused to tell us what the next-gen console would be, and Nintendo’s explicit implication of Mario being anti-consumer (limited race digital games to boost demand? Yes, thanks Ninty) There is no question about that. Gamer. Forget it PS5, Xbox Series X and Switch – Buy or upgrade your own Game PC Instead.

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First of all, they launch. Nvidia unveils powerful new graphics cards; This RTX 3070, RTX 3080 And beautiful claimants RTX 3090That seems like it could eventually pave the way for 8K gaming.

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