Former Santa Cruz midfielder talks of adaptation in the US, search for MLS title and great goal for Seattle

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Fully adapted in the United States. With over a year working in MLS (Major League Soccer), midfielder João Paulo is already one of the main references in the Seattle Sounders. Last season, for example, the former Santa Cruz player played 25 games in the North American League and scored four goals, helping Seattle to an excellent campaign leading them to the finals, but ended up losing in the Columbus Crew decision.

In search of an escape title last year, the Seattle Sounders made the MLS 2021 season debut with more wins than they beat Minnesota United 4–0. “We started the season with a great result and a consistent presentation. The (Seattle) Sounders have managed to maintain a good base of teams that have been representing the club in recent seasons and this undoubtedly gave us a start to the season. Gives advantage., “He said. João Paulo, reported in an exclusive interview Radio news.

For the 30-year-old midfielder, in addition to the players who already know each other well on the pitch, Seattle will be able to present a technical and tactical development in the current season, which will see them once again in the hunt for MLS gives. Title. “The synergy is already in place and we refine strategic issues throughout our preparation. The trend is that the work develops and our team can maintain this level of presentation. We are very keen to win the league And we’ll do a lot of delivery. The trophy comes back. In Seattle, “said João Paulo, who served in Santa Cruz in the 2015 and 2016 seasons.

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Great goal

In a 4–0 loss by Minnesota United, the midfielder, who is starring back in the Seattle Sounders – as a second midfielder – scored a stunning goal from outside the area … fired after a cross from the right. Dia, from the entrance of the area, the midfielder dominates the ball in the moon and, without letting it fall, defeats the opposing goalkeeper by hitting a beautiful kick. A round painting.

“It was one of the most beautiful goals of my career. A very quick move, that there wasn’t so much time for feedback and I was very happy to hit the right domain so that it was right for submission. A beautiful. Goal. Of the games. Important to bring confidence to the sequence. I feel very comfortable playing close to the field, even though in the Sounders I play a slightly more backward role. Whenever the opportunity arises, it is important to score “, by João Paulo said. Celebrating a beautiful debut in MLS 2021.

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