Formiga regrets Marta and Cristian’s absence in their farewell to Selçao: ‘Part of my story’

Marta e Formiga abraçadas

After 26 years of services rendered with great excellence, mastery, dedication and a lot of love for our team shirts, Formiga will have its last tournament this weekend with the Brazilian women’s national team shirt. Invited to play with the Canarinho shirt for the first time in 1995, the defensive midfielder will be bidding farewell to the Manaus International Tournament, a competition that takes place from November 25 to December 1 in the capital of Amazonas.

Various tributes are being organized by the CBF, which is not fair to those who have dedicated their lives for the green and yellow jersey.

However, some conditions were disappointing for Brazilian fans, as apart from increasing ticket prices, longtime teammates of Formiga such as Marta and Cristian would not attend the games. In a press conference given last Wednesday (24), Steering Wheel mourned the absence of those who had been by his side for a good part of his trajectory.

“I am delighted to begin this moment of tribute. I hope others can have that privilege. A Christian, too, may be thanked for what he has done and continues to do.” Have a worthy farewell.”

“I will miss them both because they are part of my history, they are part of the history of women’s football. Two warriors who have been with me over the years to improve women’s football and in this final phase, there is no reason for their absence.” Doesn’t make sense”, said Formiga.

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