Formiga says goodbye and Brazil beat India in international tournament

Formiga - Seleção feminina


Rain of goals to wash the soul of a awaited and painful farewell. Formiga played his last game with the Brazilian football team Shirt, his 234th game with Hopscotch. In a match held at the Arena da Amazonia, India were supporting at the start of the international soccer tournament and won 5–1.

Debinha opened the scoreboard in the first minute of the match. At the end of the first half, Giovanna scored the second goal. At the start of the second half, Arya Borges took third and Caroline fourth. In the 30th of the second leg, Geisse scored the fifth goal. Arya Borges did more and one left the score at 6-1.

Formiga started the match on the bench and took the field in just 32 minutes in the second half. Debinha left to give her place to the honorary of the night. And as it could not be different, Formiga entered the field to play.


All the players on the field, fans of Arena da Amazonia and the whole world wanted to score a goal for Brazil by Formiga. He tried, but the Indian goalkeeper did not let him go. Twice Chouhan stopped the party owner and left the crowd with shouts of goals.

In another moment, as Formiga got inside the field, the ball escaped slightly and deposited the Indian goal, killing the Brazilian fan in the heart.


The four participating teams – Brazil, Chile, India and Venezuela – face each other in the same round. A win guarantees the team three points, while a draw adds one point. The champion of the International Women’s Football Tournament will be the woman with the highest score at the end of round three. After making his debut against India. The match on Sunday (28) is against Venezuela, and the last duel will be against Chile on December 1 (Wednesday).

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In the case of a tie, the classification would be defined according to the following criteria: better goal difference, greater number of goals scored, straight clashes and finally, fair play classification. The latter follows the following rules: The team with the fewest points in relation to the number of yellow and red cards wins.

Yellow is worth a point; the other yellow, which is an indirect red, configures the three dots; straight red, 4 dots; and a yellow card followed by a straight red award 5 points.

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