Fossil announces new watches to accommodate Wear OS 3

Fossil announces new watches to accommodate Wear OS 3

Instead of a clock under Wear OS 3, Fossil revealed a clock intended to accommodate the new OS by 2022, without any further details. For now, Fossil Gen 6 is therefore an improved version of its Gen 5, which tries to stand out in other areas.

Fossil Gen 6 is intended to run under Wear OS 3.

Fossil Gen 6 is intended to run under Wear OS 3. // source: fossil

For now, the most recent Galaxy Watch 4 And Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is the only connected watch capable of offering Wear OS 3. Now we are almost certain that this will change with the next. Fossil Gen 6, but it’s not even for now.

New arrivals from Fossil will need to wait until 2022 to switch to Wear OS 3. In the meantime, they will be released this fall alongside Wear OS 2. Google already specified that Wear OS 2 watches would not benefit. Wear OS before the end of 20201. Update of 3, with the added bonus of reset.

SpO2 sensor

Notable additions to the older generation include a SpO2 sensor and a . includes a promise “better heart rate sensor” with “Improved Signal Accuracy”.

But the main innovation is on the side of the chip used. This is a Snapdragon Wear 4100+, where the Snapdragon Wear 3100 was in generation 5. The manufacturer promises a 30% improvement in performance compared to the older generation, in which “A fast loadingThe idea of ​​applications, fast processor and low power consumption”.

The watch also switches to the Bluetooth 5 standard, where the previous generation offered Bluetooth 4.2. Here again, the brand promisesBetter data transfer rates and up to 4 times the range».

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open pre-order

For the rest, the design and screen seem to be largely identical. It has a 3.25 cm AMOLED screen with a definition of 416 x 416 pixels. There are still two configurable pushbuttons as well as a rotary home button, all gathered into a crown placed on the right side of the watch.

As for the sensors, the watch offers the following: accelerometer, altimeter, ambient light, compass, gyroscope, out-of-body IR, PPG heart rate, SpO2. Also note the presence of a speaker, a microphone and a vibration function, which is very practical for communicating using your connected watch.

The Fossil Gen 6 is available for pre-order for 300 or 319 euros, depending on the model, with ten colors and palettes available. No LTE version has been announced yet.

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