Four screenwriters were selected to work on the Elkrev-based TV series

Four screenwriters were selected to work on the Elkrev-based TV series

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The Allkorv Film Collective chose four screenwriters who debate modern themes, revealing Portugal’s rich heritage, creativity and culture, as a way to promote a wider audience in the region.

The four screenwriters who will be part of the script in the coming months are Luis Cardasso, Debbie Simmons, Jessica Pulmiro and Nelia Matos.

Hey Alkerve Indie Script Writers’ Workshop It ended with a selection of two plots detailed by screenwriters living and working in Portugal, which would later be filmed and produced in Algarve as a new television series.

Eight experienced producers and writers from Portugal and the UK spent three days at Ferraro’s Spy Manor Productions with ten local writers who produced two unique stories that would eventually be sent to international streaming services. The motto of its initiative is “Made in Alcarve, Seen Around the World”, inspired by the Netflix protocol that provides entertainment that transports languages ​​and boundaries. Complaint with all current health regulations due to Govit-19

Filming “Hay Semper Harkana” in Algarve

Instead of choosing famous screenwriters to create themes and TV series like Spy Manor Productions and Storylines Alcorv Film United He opted to take the opportunity to involve the local community in identifying and promoting local talent. Spy Manor Productions teamed up with Elkorv Film Collective to create a new high-speed workshop that complies with all existing health regulations due to COVID-19. The workshop is a powerful platform for local talent to connect and interact with experienced members of the Portuguese and British film community.

The workshop included Manuel Claro, a representative of the Portuguese Cinematic Authority, Manuel Baptiste responsible for the Lulin Cinema Office, and lastly the most important guest, including filmmaker, screenwriter and producer Gonzalo Vevio Tales. In addition to these important guests, Spy Manor Productions welcomed speakers and guides, including Point Lopez, author of the first Portuguese Netflix series, Gloria. Vera Cajaca, a prolific screenwriter and director of “Ao Telephone Com Deus” and “If Only Porod Was Here” and the talented Louis Campos were part of the workshop setting up the squatter factory. Along with Nissan Stern, Emily Morgan, David Allen, Peter Okunjelu and Harry Klunder were also important gurus and experienced speakers.

Creating a dedicated Instagram account with a script identifier is one of the tasks of this workshop. The purpose of the hashtag #SotinMotion is to encourage all authors to share their daily challenges, suggestions and inspiration for their own creative process. Let’s look at the account In addition, visit Spy Manor Productions and activities related to the spy film Collective.

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