Netflix ends customer support on Twitter after 13 years

Netflix ends customer support on Twitter after 13 years

Netflix will no longer update the Netflix CS or Netflix Help account, which it has maintained on Twitter since 2009. This page served as a kind of customer support and in the 13 years it was active, it produced over 900,000 publications.To clarify the doubts of customers. Meanwhile, the profile has grown to 269,000 followers.

The streaming giant confirmed to Variety that the account will no longer be updated and said that the reason for the decision was that the company decided to focus its customer support efforts on the Netflix-owned platforms. The last post on the profile was on June 29.

The company also denied that it had anything to do with the crisis facing the company today, which has already led to some cost-cutting and several layoffs. The customer support profile on Twitter existed because the service had not yet become popular around the world and even without receiving much response, customers continued to send their questions to the page.

Netflix continues to offer other customer support options such as phone support and online chat through its official website.

Stranger Things delivers tragedy and Netflix delivers better-than-expected quarter

Netflix lost its way after missing second-quarter user forecasts. Earlier, a streaming platform estimated that 2 million subscribers would continue their accounts between April and June. However, on this Tuesday (Tuesday 1), the company’s loss was only 970.

Variety magazine claims that a move may have the opposite of the pessimistic Netflix prediction that has to do with the release of the fourth of Stranger Things. The new phase was fortified in two parts, with releases on 27 May and 1 June.

Still in the shareholders presentation, the company currently has more than 20 million users all over the world and expects to exceed one million end users.

Among the gains and growth shown in the presentation, Netflix marked 1.3 million users in the United States and Canada, it was stable in the United States, it had 770 million users in Europe and East Asia, but in East Asia, South There were 1 million users. Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania.

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