Foxconn to Restructure Management at India’s iPhone Plant || Sriperumbudur Foxconn Plant Management’s Decision Will Change…!

ஸ்ரீபெரும்புதூர் பாக்ஸ்கான் ஆலை நிர்வாகத்தை மாற்றியமைக்க முடிவு...!

It has been decided to change the management of the Foxconn plant, which manufactures parts of Apple cell phones operating in Sriperumbudur.


Located in Kancheepuram district, Sriperumbudur – Foxconn Sungavarasathram Chipkot Industrial Park. The company manufactures Apple iPhone spare parts.

Meanwhile, women employees working on contract basis at Foxconn plant went on strike on the night of 18th, demanding quality of food and rectification of deficiencies in the hostel organized by the company.

Women activists gathered on the Chennai-Bengaluru National Highway. After talking to the District Collector and officials, the workers ended the strike.

In this matter, Foxconn company of Taiwan and iPhone company of America are currently taking up this matter.

In that regard, the management of Sriperumbudur Foxconn has decided to reshuffle its management, according to Rotors. Foxconn said work is underway to restructure the management of the Sriperumbudur Foxconn plant and workers will be paid until production resumes at the plant.

Meanwhile, Apple has said it has arbitrarily sent auditors to inspect conditions at the Sriperumbudur Foxconn plant, which manufactures iPhone parts.

We have learned that the places where laborers stay and serve food do not meet our standards. We urge our distributors to take prompt action and raise the standards in this regard. Apple has said that it is monitoring the Foxconn plant at Sriperumbudur.

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