France wants to suspend “poisonous” trade dispute between US and Europe – Money Times

France wants to suspend "poisonous" trade dispute between US and Europe - Money Times
Jean-Yves Le Drian (Image: Khalil Mazaravi / via Pool) says, “It can take time, but in the meantime we can always give up.”

Organization Europe And the new presidential election government Us, Joe BidenShould suspend a trade dispute and buy time to find a middle ground, said France, In the comments published this Sunday. “The issue that is poisoning everyone is the expansion of prices and taxes in steel, digital technology, Airbus, and especially our wine sector,” Jean Journal Lewis said in an interview with Le Journal du Dimanche.

He said he hoped both sides would find a way to resolve the dispute. He said, “It may take time, but in the meantime, we can always order adjournment.”

In late December, the United States raised tariffs on wine parts, wines and other alcoholic beverages from France and Germany, which were in the middle of a subsidy dispute. Boeing It is on Airbus, But Block has decided to withdraw vengeance for now.

America plans to introduce a reform proposal World trade organization (WTO) in February, and are set to consider reforms to restrict the judicial authority of the WTO body mediating disputes.

The United States has been complaining for years that the World Trade Organization appellate body has enacted new unfair trade rules in its decisions and has prevented appointments of new judges to prevent it, leaving the body inactive.

Government Like, Who will step down on Wednesday, threatened to impose tariffs on cosmetics, bags and other goods from France in retaliation for French tariffs on digital services, which he considered discriminatory against American technology companies.

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