Fratus defeated Dressel and is the first qualified Brazilian swimmer for Tokyo – 10/04/2021

Fratus defeated Dressel and is the first qualified Brazilian swimmer for Tokyo - 10/04/2021

Bruno Fratus qualified for the Tokyo Olympic Games. The Brazilian swimmer won the 50-meter freestyle at the TYR Pro Swim Series in California today (10), where for the first time in his career, he surpassed North American celeb Dressel, today’s legendary swimmer, currently two-time world champion. Distance. Fratus was runner-up in the last two worlds, and this was his only two meetings.

To avoid coming to Brazil and competing in the Olympic selective, he obtained special authorization from the Brazilian Confederation of Water Sports (CBDA), which would take place over two weeks in Rio de Janeiro, starting on the 19th. Fratus lives in the United States. And, adding to the health risk of catching an aircraft and arriving in Brazil, along with the eligibility criteria, the unit authorized him to take time in this California tournament.

Yesterday Fratus had already made 21s73 for the third time in the world in the qualifying stage. Today, he won with a worse time, 21s80, which is required by the International Swimming Federation (FINA) as an index for the Tokyo Olympic Games: 22s01. Dressel hit 21s83.

The problem for Fratus is that this time may not be too long to keep him in Tokyo. If the time of two Brazilians in the Olympic selector is better than 21s80, those two swimmers will go to the Games, not the Fratus. That is, now it is rooted in him.

It is not likely that there are two Brazilians in 21s7. Not even far. The main candidate for the Olympic vacancy is Pedro Spazari, who has 21s82 as the best of his career, and Marcello Chirighini with 21s84. 2016talo Manzine scored 21.82 in 2016 Olympic tries when she took Cesar Cielo from Rio, but she never came close to that performance. The world record holder, Cesar Cielo, is not registered – he refuses to retire, but does not compete for relevant events.

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Fratus is still registered to swim in the 100-meter freestyle TYR Supporter Swimming Series, with qualifiers today and later, but it remains to be seen if he will actually fall into the water. The goal of the 100-meter swim will be to qualify for the 4×100-meter relay team in Tokyo, but once in the Olympics up to 50 meters, Fratus can be cast for the relay, as has happened many times. The three men’s relay already holds an Olympic berth.

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