Frederick Morris is set to return to the world surfing circuit in Australia – Sport

Frederick Morris is set to return to the world surfing circuit in Australia - Sport

Portuguese surfer Frederick Morris is set to compete again in the main circuit of the World Surf League (WSL), which resumes in Australia, after being halted for more than three months due to an epidemic.

“Undoubtedly, it’s great to return to the championship. I missed it a lot. We had to taste what would happen in December, in Hawaii. The only Portuguese athlete told Lusa that the world integrates the surfing elite.

After completing the mandatory quarantine imposed on all surfers traveling to Australia for the restoration of the world circuit and returning to training at sea, Frederick Morris, also known as ‘Kickass’, is expected The four Australian stages will take place without any hurdles. By Kovid-19.

“It seems that now, here, in Australia, everything will be alright. We have the first championship to begin on Thursday [ainda na quarta-feira à noite, em Portugal, dado os fusos horários], And then we have three more championships in Australia so far. God is ready, all this will happen and we will be able to get some rhythm and complete our ‘tour’ [circuito], Which is the most important, without a doubt “, he reported.

When asked about his goals for the first Australian leg race in Newcastle, New South Wales, Frederico Morris insisted that his “expectations are always good” and most importantly, to pass on that confidence for the competition Do it

“Work was done, training was done, I feel good, psychologically, physically and technically, in terms of surfing. It has everything to work with. Now, it’s full of confidence and in good results Believes ”, launched Surfer. Since the age of 29.

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Nevertheless, ‘Kickass’ indicated the need to adapt to athletes due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, which already toppled the stages of Sunset (Hawaii) in January and Santa Cruz (United States, in February), as That had happened before with a Portuguese halt in Pennish was originally scheduled for February.

“I don’t want to create high expectations. I think there’s a year to think about ‘summer’ [bateria] Summer will be a completely different year, with completely different phases, and we also have to adapt ”, he underlined.

The Guinich Surfers will face South African Jordan Smith and Australian Matt Banting in the fourth opening round of the Repo Curl Newcastle Cup.

“My rivals, Jordy Smith and Matt Banting, are two great surfers, it’s going to be a complicated summer, as are all the heats this round. There are no easy surfers anymore. It all depends on me. It’s up to me. . Do it. My surf and expect good results “, he insisted.

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