Free Space Rogue-Light at Epic Games Store

Free Space Rogue-Light at Epic Games Store

After the December harvest, the Epic Games store situation was back to normal when we received a game completely free every day, so we are waiting for the games to be distributed again on a weekly basis.

Last timeIn late 2020, we saw a Jurassic World Evolution strategy from Frontier Developments, so if you like dinosaurs, you’ll definitely be excited. In any case, the week has passed like water, meaning that this proposal is changing again, this time looking at space.

If, after looking at the sample below, you think of the popular indie game FTL, it is certainly no coincidence, as the creators of Alt Shift and Crying Sun created a definite fusion of FTL, Dunne and Foundation. Tried to make.

In practice, this means that we are working here with a cosmic rogue-lite work, where you will explore a procedurally generated world, in which you can encounter more than 300 story events, which will give you A dramatic story line will meet, consisting of six chapters. Which you will reveal the truth behind the Gangetic Empire, which disintegrated after 700 years of prosperity.

During your flight, however, you will not avoid enemies when fighting with them in a tactical battle.

You can add a game to the library here.

Activation of the title is possible in the next seven days 14 January There will be a change again. And this time we can wait for Star Wars Battlefront II in the Celebration Edition.

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