French Motoi: Torres grabbed the pole after a late crash drama at Le Mans. MotoGP

French Motoi: Torres grabbed the pole after a late crash drama at Le Mans.  MotoGP

The Motoi class did not run at Le Mans before, the experience proved to be important and Jordi Torres used it to claim the first e-poll of the two races to decide the title in France.

Although there had been no races around Mainz since 2014, Jordi Torres was immediately smooth around the pack and picked up a lot of speed in the final sector on his Ponce Racing 40 bike, posting a good record 1M43.843s – a New record.

At the time, the Spaniard had to endure a wait-and-see game as he had seven riders left after posting a better time in practice, but his time was out of control.

This is the second time he has finished third in the championship but with the noise of winning the title, Emilia Romgana has started from the pole after topping the grid in the Grand Prix, she is still looking to win her first race. Is in.

He was joined in the first row of Race 1 by Matthew Ferrari. The leader in the Cup standings and the 2019 title winner has always been well-placed for the race after maintaining his record of being in the top four qualifiers, consistent Trentino Gresni Ryder was just 0.329 from top time.

Third on the grid, Mike’s Maglev, went on to be the last rider to circle the track. EG 0,0 is the latest track experience from the Mark Videos rider who won the Le Mans 4-hour race with Josh Hook earlier this year. Track knowledge helped the French people start the next row of the house.

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Hook starts fourth for Octo Premac, finishing fifth with a quick lap with Dominic Ezter (Dynavolt Intake GP).

LCR’s Niccolo Canepa posted the sixth best time, Alejandro Medina went first but his lap for Openbank Asper is seventh.

Xavier Simeone disappointed after a strong rehearsal for eight places on the second LCR entry.

Eric Grenado (Aventia Esponsorma Racing) and Nikki Touli (Avant Ajo Motoi) finished in the top ten.

Tomaso Macron posted the eleventh best time for Tech 3 e-racing, but was fined a three-place grid for irresponsible riding in the final round that knocked out then-championship leader Egertor.

Matia Kasadi (Ongeta SIC 58 Squadron Course) overcame his long-held hopes when he embraced his potential. Around the same time, Alex de Angelis (Oct. Kato Premac), who had been hoping to move higher after announcing his retirement, fell into his outer lap and sent the pair to the back of the grid.

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