From Guto to Dimas: Robinson de Castro lists Serena’s top-5 of top coaches Serra Sporting Club | Time – news

From Guto to Dimas: Robinson de Castro lists Serena's top-5 of top coaches Serra Sporting Club |  Time - news

Robinson de Castro, President of Serra Sporting Club (Photo: This Mesquita)

President of Serra, Robinson de Castro Is a new interviewer from Blue page, do The people, Material that will be published next Monday, 15. Among the topics covered in about two hours of the interview, Alvinegro’s representative commented on the backdrop of Vina’s renewal, the winning season of 2020, pressure on future job at the club and Grandpa’s top Listed their top-5 of coaches.

+ “He always wanted to live”, tells Robinson about renewing with Veena

In order of importance, the leaders are located on the main shelf of technicians from Grandpa Gutto Ferreira, Lisca, Marcelo Chamuska, PC Gusamo and Dimas Filgiras. Achievements in access and maintenance in Serie A are factors that are weighed in the choice of the President of the Porangbucci Club.

“The coaches who get access to me are fundamental. And we have to highlight PC Gusmo and Marcelo Chamuska, they gave us two hits. And the guys who put you in Serie A as well. You got to be here in Lisca (2018), Great will have to be highlighted. Coach I highlight Dimas in 2010 and Guto in 2020. The year 2019 was very difficult, I will not qualify. I also said that it was too much due to Cruzeiro that we continue in Serie A. . I highlight these people a lot. Guto and Liska in Serie A, were veterans in each in their time “, Robinson said.

The Alvingro agent also told of his childhood, period in the United States, the beginnings of a love affair with Sere, and backstage stories in the club’s more than ten years. The full interview will be published in the newspaper O Povo’s edition this Monday, 15, and will be available People more.

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