From ‘Rolling therapy’ to ‘Netflix of dance’: Businesswoman made good money

From 'Rolling therapy' to 'Netflix of dance': Businesswoman made good money

Hip Hop, Tango, Salsa, Street Dance, Jazz, Flamenco, Belly Dance, Salsa, Ballet, Hatayga. All of these styles ensured the mental health and physical health of many during the first months of the epidemic, especially as Live2Dance Studios decided to create a signature, so that students and other interested parties could participate and take as many classes as they wanted. Time on the Live2Dance online platform and at the most convenient time.

Juliana Paiva, one of the creators of the proposal and a studio partner, dancer, choreographer, nurse, and businessman, was a guest of Flovia Paxão this Wednesday, 05 night, at the live Emerjos e Soluces.

During the conversation, Juliana described how she managed to reconcile the dance, business and care of the younger Fell at the age of ten months. “The platform was not our project (she, her sister and her brother-in-law are partners), but we had not imagined that the sanitary measure would last long”, she says, noting that the platform was launched between months in the past. In April and May of the year, Bahia students and audiences from countries such as Argentina, United States, Canada won.

The presence of the younger Fell was the highlight of the conversation between Juliana and Flavia, who highlighted family involvement fundamentally to the return to business (Photo: reproduction)

“We are very happy with the success of the platform as many people have allowed themselves to take classes in a different way and learn something new. At that time, the platform was our strategy to continue working, guarantee jobs and serve our students with the aim of bringing a little light in the midst of this madness ”, Juliana said.

The dancer insisted that undertaking is far from an easy task and that at a certain stage in her life, she thought about leaving and gaining a more traditional ceremony. “Once, I realized that I only had R $ 10.00 in my account and I thought about giving up on that dream, nurtured since childhood, looking for a more stable job. At the end of the day, a deposit of a fee. The amount came, which I still did not expect and I understood not to give up as a sign.

The nurse’s friends also encouraged her to continue in the dance and she understood that this was not the time to give up. Especially because there is always too much support in dance. “My mother dreamed of dancing, but my grandfather did not allow it. When we were born, she encouraged us to dance and dance school, after our home, was the best place in the world. My sister and I have graduated in dance ”, she said, remembering that she has been living professionally in dance since the age of 15.

Juliana stressed the importance of continuing her own business dream and said that the life of an entrepreneur comes with ups and downs (Photo: reproduction)

When she was unable to fulfill her dream of having her studio, Juliana worked as a dancer for a folkloric group of artists such as Carla Christina; The band Chiro d’Amour, still with Aline Rosa; Philomena Bagesira; And choreographer of Iwate Sangalo for 12 years. “I was in a tough routine and I only managed to finish college when Ivet became pregnant with Marcelinho and needed to slow down a bit,” he said.

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For those who, like him, also dream of starting their own business, do not give advice! For those who, apart from entrepreneurship, still want to be a mother, the tip is: “Don’t give up on the dream, be patient and enjoy every minute with your son because it happens so fast”.

Remember that Live Empragos e Soluches is always held on Instagram at 6pm on Wednesday, on the Jornel Corio website.

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