From the California coast, this is a shark baby boom

From the California coast, this is a shark baby boom

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– Baby sharks are growing on California’s ocean floor, researchers say – and when they go hunting, they’re more interested in ducks than people. Chris Lowe, director of the Shark Lab at California State University, Long Beach, says he has been tagged 38 juvenile great white sharks so far this year, three times more than a normal year. Patron Report. Lowe, who uses drones, planes, and even underwater robots to monitor sharks and how they interact with humans, says young sharks are spending a lot of time in coastal waters this year. He believes the trend is the result of healthier ecosystems that provide more food for sharks – and warmer waters that delay sharks’ winter migration out of Baja California to Mexico. He predicts that sharks will soon be year-round.

Lowe says this year is extraordinary not only because of the number of sharks, but also because they are leaving areas they used to gather often in new areas, including the point concept near Santa Barbara. “This is what makes us think that these hotspots are nurseries. There is plenty of food and hot water, ”says Lowe San Jose Mercury News. Lowe, who works closely with Lifeguards, notes that the number of shark attacks in California has stabilized at three or four in a year since 1950, although the state’s population has nearly tripled. “There are a lot of people in the water: you have paddle boards, kayaks, whatsapps, but the number of attacks has not really changed,” he says. “It tells you that people are not on the menu, they are not out hunting people here.” (Speaking of baby sharks …)

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