G2 is reportedly buying Perks on multiple teams, including Cloud 9 and TSM.

G2 is reportedly buying Perks on multiple teams, including Cloud 9 and TSM.

Ladies and gentlemen, we can look forward to the biggest move of 2020 League of Legends Offseason.

G2Sports is in talks with six organizations to take on Superstar Talent Perks Jacob Wolf of ESPN. Perk’s “desired destination” is allegedly Cloud 9, although Wolf said Perk’s reported purchase is blocking nearly 5 million processes.

In addition to Cloud 9, TSM, Evil Genius, 100 Thieves, Team Biography and Misfit Gaming inquired about Perks. These reports follow weeks of rumors and speculation that the 22-year-old may be returning to mid-lane after moving to Floor Lane to make room for the Caps at the end of 2018.

Wolf also said Perk’s salary would be a “record setting” if he ends up at C9. With this deal with JC9, it will become the largest single-player buyer in the West. League History. The only purchase challenging the number was the purchase of the former Dignitas Sport Vulcan 9, which cost the team 1.5 million.

Perkis’ departure marks the end of a five-year era with the G2, in which he quickly became one of the best players in Europe and the face of the franchise. He helped the team win eight LEC Championships, was essential in their MSI-winning race in 2019, and led the team to three top finals at the World Championships.

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If the N.A. Going into the cards, the field will see a big power shift in the top teams in the LCS. For example, the C9 failed to reach the world after an unfortunate collapse at the end of the 2020 Summer Split last year. Involving a good player in the West League History will definitely help their chances of knocking out the rest of the league’s top teams.

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