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Gadgets: Science and Technology:

When the phone is hot, do not attempt to cool it using a refrigerator or other extreme methods. About this . In conversation with Ria Novosti Said Denis Kuvikov, director of the SafeNet Regional Engineering Center of the National Technology Initiative (NTI).

The author noted that recently, unusually high temperatures have been observed in many Russian regions. In such a situation, there is a risk of the smartphone becoming hot and fire ahead of it. Kuvikov listed ways to protect the gadget from heat. First, you need to know that a hot device should not be cooled quickly: “” shock therapy “can completely” kill it. ” It is necessary to remove the cover, turn off mobile Internet and leave the device in a cool place.

The expert described competent prevention as another way of protection. In summer, the smartphone should not be left in direct sunlight, and it is not recommended to use thick covers that can disrupt air circulation. “Adjust internal settings in advance: reduce screen brightness levels, turn off Bluetooth and GPS, cancel automatic updates of applications,” the expert said.

Also, it is better not to run a large number of applications at the same time, as this increases the temperature of the device. Kuvikov also advised against using the smartphone at temperatures above 25 degrees.

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“Of course, modern smartphones and tablets are thoroughly tested for performance in extreme cold and heat before release, and some devices even have an automatic shutdown function when the battery temperature is high,” the author said. However, there is still a risk of battery fire.

In the summer of 2020, Master Lu benchmark experts Designated Smartphones to be the hottest among Asian brands. The best devices were Vivo, Samsung and Oppo, the hottest were the Reality phones. Nokia 9 PureView was the pioneer in the smartphone’s integrated anti-rating, with its body heating up to 43.05 degrees.

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