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Gadgets: Science and Technology:

Alexander Timofeev, Associate Professor of the Department of Informatics of the Plekhanov Russian Economics University, shares ways to keep the smartphone charged for a longer period of time, writing Chieftain.

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According to Timofeev, you can save battery power by using the wakelock function, Smart Mode or Power Saving Mode. “Sometimes we want the battery to be consumed in memory only by the application or process and we need the radio module responsible for receiving the call. Thus, the wakelock function can significantly save battery power, but here It is difficult to disable even the most active applications, ”said the expert.

Timofeev clarified that the smartphone has a “Smart Mode” function that allows you to activate an adaptive work format, while the iPhone has a special “Power Saving Mode” that allows the phone to operate for two to three hours. extends to. “This option can add 2-3 hours of work by disabling the animation of network activity (receiving mail, auto-updates), navigation elements and interface menus,” Timofeev said. The combination * # 9900 # will help to “calibrate” the battery if an excess of charge is associated with a system failure. Timofeev said that this function does not work on all Android devices.

past experts saidHow to keep your smartphone battery charged in cold weather. According to him, it is necessary to purchase devices with a glass or plastic case – they are most resistant to frost. You should also charge your phone completely before leaving home. On the street it should be kept in the inner pocket of the jacket, warm.

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