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Gadgets: Science and Technology:

Apple users in the US have started using AirTag smart tags to track courier packages. about this Inform AppleInsider Edition.

Journalists talked about the experience of the wife of a soldier, Valerie McNulty, who discovered a new way to use the airtag tracker. Apple positions the device as an accessory for finding lost things. McNulty put the device in a box of luggage, which he then shipped to his new home during the move.

According to the woman, she and her husband reached the spot before taking the parcel. When the delivery date passed, Valerie McNulty looked through the app to find out where her package was—it turns out the package was stuck a few hours from her home. The company told the client that they would be able to complete the delivery within a few days. “I made it clear to the courier that I knew he was only four hours away from us,” McNulty said.

Finally, the courier agreed to bring the goods first and managed to hand over his goods to the woman on the same day. The author spoke of his experience and advised others to use Apple’s Beacon to track courier shipments: “Instead of waiting, I took matters into my own hands.”

apples in the east reacted To report that AirTag smart tags are being used to spy on people. The company recommends that users contact the police if they find an ownerless beacon with them.

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