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Gadgets: Science and Technology:

Contactless payments and the possibility of payment without using a card attract the attention of fraudsters, said Anton Roschevsky, a senior lecturer in the banking department of Synergy University in an interview with the Prime Minister’s Agency.

“The usual place for a phone is in a pants pocket. It would not be difficult to put the terminal in a bag with a predetermined amount, and during rush hour in transport, reach the nearest distance from the victim and place a bag next to the device, ”said the expert.

Counsel for the European legal service Evgeny Ivanov, in turn, said that the biggest risk when paying for a phone with the NFC is the ability to confirm the cancellation by fingerprint scan or by entering a PIN code. If the smartphone is stolen, the fraudsters will have full access to all financial transactions of the owner.

Experts recommend setting a lock in smartphones, and a limit in contactless payment applications.

Former Director of the SafeNet Regional Engineering Center of the National Technology Initiative Denis Kuvikov Open Typical scenario for telephone scammers. According to the expert, the attackers obtain telephone numbers of Russians through leaks and hacks of various online store websites, collecting this information and on the output, having complete information about the person, for example, his name , Address, place of residence or name of bank in which he is a customer.

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