Galaxy S22: Samsung’s compact top-of-the-line has its ups and downs analysis / review

Galaxy S22: Samsung's compact top-of-the-line has its ups and downs  analysis / review

After analyzing the rest of the line, we finally got our hands on Galaxy S22, Is the cheapest one in Samsung’s new flagship the best option? let’s find out.

The Galaxy S22 is more compact than before and now has a glass back unlike its predecessor with a plastic finish. Its design is the same S22 Plus and is very different from extremely, The screen shrank but the quality and resolution remained the same. Brightness is a bit strong and the refresh rate is wide, varying between 48 and 120Hz. Stereo sound has tremendous power and sound quality.

The performance is due to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 combined with 8GB of RAM and 4GB of virtual RAM, which can be expanded up to 8GB. performance disappoints by being below others and even Galaxy S21, In benchmarks too, we had lower-than-expected numbers for a device of this size and it’s little matched to last year’s model. In sports, it runs everything at maximum, but it does get a little hot.

The battery shrank and with it autonomy was compromised. There was considerable degradation and the charging time was not compensated by the smaller battery; The 25W charger takes the same amount of time as before. Not to mention that the S22 doesn’t support a 45W charger like the others.

The main camera records the sharpest pictures, while the telephoto is the one that brings the greatest advancement between the generations. The Ultra-Wide delivers the same quality as before, but takes better photos at night, thanks to improvements implemented in Night Mode. The camcorder records with good quality, but focus is slow compared to others in the line.

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Is it worth buying the Galaxy S22? If you’re in doubt between this and a plus, we recommend paying a little more for the larger model. If you own an S21 and intend to switch to the new one, we recommend waiting for the Galaxy S23. For more details, check out the full review at the link below.

Galaxy S22 was launched in Brazil in February 2022 BRL 5,999But better priced deals can be found below:

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