Game Over: PS5 users report problems with dualindus adaptive triggers

Game Over: PS5 users report problems with dualindus adaptive triggers

Many users are reporting problems. Most of them include malfunction of adaptive triggers or even loss of new functionality reported on user EeK9X’s Resetra Forum:

A few days ago, I was playing Miles Morales when I felt R2 pop and immediately let loose. It was as if what was causing the “resistance” trigger to break, making it again a regular, non-adaptive trigger.

Now seeing that I have less than 50 hours of playing time on the PS5 and I have always taken good care of my devices, which was unexpected, to say the least. So, I started researching to see how widespread this problem was. And I’d say that’s a lot.

The user claimed to have contacted Sony support and was informed that the problem was not an isolated case.

Analyzing the inadvertence of DualSense mentioned above, it is suspected that the adaptive trigger responsible for the problems is a spring present in the system. This can be seen in the video below at 9:32:

Reddit user u / mofftarkin33 states that it is possible to solve the problem by reinstalling the spring, but this requires termination of control, which defies your warranty. Thus, the best option is to contact Sony Support to request replacement or repair of dual assistance.

So far Sony has not commented on what happened, but it is believed that if there are frequent complaints about the adapter trigger mechanism, dualness may be required.

Have you ever played using Dualicon? What were your first impressions?

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