Gameplay Patch v.1.0.0. Shows game after

Gameplay Patch v.1.0.0.  Shows game after

Earlier, this Thursday (07), VGC website v. of 1.0.0 e-football 2022what Many aspects of the game will improve – From pass to shot on goal — according to Konami. Well, the same portal has now revealed 85 minutes of gameplay of the title after applying the patch.

In the content, it is possible to check many matches involving clubs licensed by the Japanese publisher: Arsenal, Manchester United, Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich, Juventus, etc. at least in recording There are no bizarre visual insects on the faces of athletesA reason that caused fans to complain a lot.

According to VGC, fans should check out two great new features in this update: “unprecedented kicks” and the possibility to circle the opponent by pressing X (by pressing the button twice, your athlete will lunge to pick up the ball).

Speaking specifically of such “phenomenal kicks”, they occur when the player presses R2 while passing, crossing or shooting the ball. These operations will take longer to complete, but generally have more precision and power. In the video above, you can see this when the purple power bar replaces the green one.

eFootball 2022 Preview v.1.0.0

As mentioned, VGC brought a preview of patch v.1.0.0 of eFootball 2022. According to the portal, the game isn’t a FIFA competitor yet, but it could get even better with future updates, most notably Defense in Balance. Find out everything here!

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