Games will be included in the subscription at no extra charge.

Games will be included in the subscription at no extra charge.

a Netflix announced, this Tuesday (20), that Will include games in users’ subscriptions at no additional cost. Therefore, anyone who pays to use the platform will not only be able to see movies and series play together. For now, there is no list of games that will be available through the service.

A letter to investors from Netflix says, “We’re in the early stages of expanding into games, expanding the interactivity (Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, for example) and the work we’ve built with our Stranger Things games.” ” ledge) “We see games as a new category of content, similar to our expansion into movies, animation and non-scripted TV shows.”

“Games will be included in Netflix users’ monthly fee at no additional cost, as will movies and series. At first, we will focus on mobile devices only. We are equally excited to offer movies and TV We expect a gradual increase in investment and growth in the series and all of our existing categories than ever before, but as we complete nearly a decade of investment in original programming, we believe our The time is right to learn more about how members value sports.

Netflix co-CEO Reed Hastings said in 2019 that the company “competes (and loses) with Fortnite more than HBO” when it comes to getting people on the platform. Interest in getting into this fight is nothing new—and, by all appearances, they actually intend to take the initiative very seriously.

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