Genshin Effect Version 1.2 Update Launched December 23, ‘Dragonspine’ Adds Map

Genshin Impact version 1.2 update

miHoYo will release the “Chalk Prince and Dragon” version 1.2 update for Genshin effect On December 23, the developer announced the addition of the new “Dragonspine” map.

Here is a summary of the update by miHoYo:

Genshin effect Is a free-to-play open-world action-RPG that brings players into a visionary world. The player plays the role of a mysterious “traveler” who sets out on a journey to find out the fate of his missing siblings and unravels the mysteries of Tiwat along the way. Currently, players can explore both Mondstad and Leu Harbor, two of the seven major cities of Teyvat, each with unique cultures, stories and vast surrounding landscapes, and hidden to discover creatures, variety, monsters, secrets and players. Offer a variety of treasures. . As the game progresses, the next city, stories, characters and seasonal programs will be released.

Version 1.2 update will bring a new map spread – “Dragonspine.” It is a native mountain range south of Monstadt and is home to many unique creatures, a lost ancient civilization, rich elements, rare artwork, and recipes for multiple four-star weapons. Covered with snow all year round, the extreme weather of Dragonspine challenges every traveler to avoid the cold of the bite. With the addition of the new shear bar, keeping warm becomes one of the most important things players should keep in mind, whether in combat or research.

The new seasonal festival, “The Chalk Prince and the Dragon” will also take place in Dragonspine. The travelers will explore the sword with the mysterious power associated with Albedo, the talented Czech alchemist and captain of the Montserrat’s Knights of Favonius investigation team, known as the Festering Will. By participating in seasonal events, players can not only achieve and fully improve the fencing desire, but also return rich prizes from the event shop, including Crow including No of Insight.

Two new five-star characters, Albedo and Ganyu, will also be added as playable characters. Featured in the upcoming “The Chalk Prince and Dragon” questline, Albedo Mondstad has a still-great traditionalist alchemist, wielding a sword and the power of Geo. Ganyu is a half-man, half-adapted Syro archer who serves as an ambassador and secretary to Liu Qing. In version 1.2, players can get a closer look at Ganyu’s story by exploring his personal side.

miHoYo will host a “version 1.2 special program” This morning at 8:00 PT / 11:00 ET, Where it will share more information about the update. You can see it UT .b.

Genshin effect Now available for PlayStation 4 P.C., Via iOS App Store, And via Android Google Play. A switch version is also planned.

Check out a new trailer below. See a new set of screenshots in the gallery.

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