Genshin Impact announces controversial changes, news and free item codes in new update

Genshin Impact announces controversial changes, news and free item codes in new update

This Friday (12/11) Chinese company mihoyo showed off Live Showing all the news brought to you by version 2.3 of the game which is one of its list: Free MMO RPG Games jenshin effect, New update will be available on that day 24 November and it will have significant changes for both history and history Gameplay And the other systems in the title.

Version 2.3 Banners

The internet was already speculating a lot about the characters that would be available in Unless It was up to MiHoYo to end this discussion by posting the characters’ release in 2.3 on their social networks gorou I For doing this,

gorou played an important role during the last released part of the arc of inazuma and was already known by the players, but Ito, a They With a charismatic and clearly irritable personality, this is a total novelty. He will be the focus of an additional mission of the update, marking his first official appearance in the game. we can see below Eve teaser Of the two characters:

But, before the possibility of Gorou – who would be a 4-star character – and it would come down to our accounts, a Banner The promotional will be released with the return of not only one 5-star character already released, but two: eula and alchemists albedo,

This will be the first promotional banner of the update, which will mark the debut of the double banner. Next Banner, Here Comes 15 December, can reward players with Ito or Gorou.

Alchemist Albedo version 2.3. will be one of the highlights of the first banner of

Banner change

this new Banner Surprised everyone to make a significant change to their system. Unless — Possibility to get two different high-level characters in one promotional banner. This change caused controversy among players, who saw some problems in this new operation for those who didn’t invest money in the characterization system and a little more to try out both the characters that were introduced and the gems to collect. want time.

Genshin Impact update will include two 5-star characters in the same banner from November 24 to December 15

But there are some who defend the change, as it would hasten the return of beloved characters, which, incidentally, could not be achieved in their respective releases, and it would also not delay the release of new characters.

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Other news in version 2.3 of Genshin Impact

Apart from the change in the system Unless, two new artifacts were also announced that will serve to create the characters’ attributes: ocean-hued clams, with a focus on prolonging the life of the character and grand dream husk, which will give the character using the Defense Bonus.

Changes to the teapot system, new developments and the return of the two known to the public were also announced. New one Owner of element Earth And a mission that will continue the story of the main plot is one of the new features brought by 2.3.

free item code

as always, mihoyo It also released three different codes that provide various free gifts within the game, among them desired gems that allow the acquisition of new characters:




remembering that codes are usually only available for a little more than twenty four hours So for players, hurry up if you want to get your free gifts!

But and you? What do you think about all this that the new version of the game looks promising? We want to read your opinion in the comments!

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