Germany will be the fourth country outside the US to host an NFL game; check others

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increasingly global, national football federation ,NFL) announced that another regular season of the tournament would be played outside the match. we. On 9 February, the unit announced that Germany will be the third country to host official American Football Championship matches through NFL International Series – A series of games to be held outside the home country of the institution.

In total, two stadiums in two different cities will host NFL games in Germany. In the 2022 season, Allianz Arenas, in Munich, will host the match. Next year, it will be the turn of Deutsche Bank Park, in Frankfurt. The respective stadiums will also host one match each in the 2024/2025 Biennial.

The German-based match will be revealed by the NFL only at the launch of the official competition calendar, which traditionally appears in May. The regular season already has a start date: September 8.

In 2022, for the first time in league history, four countries will host league matches. beyond that we And there would be disputed wars outside the US border in Germany, Mexico and England.

While announcing the news, Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL revealed that he intended to strengthen ties with the German professional football league. ,We are delighted to reward our fans in Germany for their passion for bringing the spectacle of regular season games. We look forward to hosting our first game at FC Bayern Munich’s spectacular stadium this year and are looking forward to new opportunities for collaboration with the Bundesliga.“, he pointed out.

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German passion for American football was also celebrated. dieter reiter, the mayor of the city – who, of course, take this opportunity to celebrate the economic impacts that the innovation will bring to the municipality. ,We are delighted to host the NFL International Series in Munich. It is a huge honor for Munich to be the first German city to host an NFL regular season game. Many of our locals are huge football fans and are excited to hear that this sporting event is coming to the city.“, he highlighted.

The first NFL regular season game outside the US took place in 2005, when Arizona Cardinals Defeat the San Francisco 49ers at Azteca Stadium in Mexico City. Starting in 2007, the league began playing at least one match a year at Wembley Stadium, Twickenham and Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium in London. Between 2008 and 2013, buffalo bill Starred once in the regular season in Toronto. Starting in 2016, Mexico also began hosting regular season matches of the league.

The pandemic has paralyzed playing sports outside the US in 2020. In 2021, London hosted two matches (contractually, it has been entitled to three from 2014, receiving two in 2013), while Mexico will host one match again in 2022.

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