Giant ‘Dota 2’ 7.28 Updated Patch Notes Reveals New Things and Capabilities

Giant 'Dota 2' 7.28 Updated Patch Notes Reveals New Things and Capabilities

Valve has released patch notes for Dota 2 Update 7.28 and includes new abilities for many heroes, a new hero and some new things including some Blink Dagger variations.

Patch information has been slowly coming out over the past few hours, with new blockbuster upgrades, new abilities for heroes, and perhaps a new hero believed to have been leaked on the official Dota 2 site. At first it seemed like every hero was getting at least one new ability, which is almost true, but now the patch notes for 7.28 are out. We know we got these abilities with just one aghnim shard. Maybe, something worth 1400.

Outside of these new capabilities, significant changes and transformations come into the items. Lots of new stuff has been added, including a fabulous cute fluffy hat worth 250 250 gold and a 125 health grant as well as a pleasing sound wind walker which is actually the capital of an improved L.A. You can throw yourself and walk around the storm. When you are in it. A lot of old things have also updated their recipes so you are more likely to use them.

Neutral items have also seen some changes, the mango tree, the perfect human shield and the iron talon have all been removed (where have I heard this before?!), Replaced with fairy triangles, chipped vests and owner masks. Is.

As many heroes are expected to get a ton of nymphs and buffs, Swann’s likes are hit hard by the NRP hammer. It would certainly be a good thing for sick people to see the same hero in every match, but with so many changes, there are sure to be some more powerful heroes out there.

The new hero, Hoodwink, is also available as part of the 7.28 update and is definitely one of the heroes we’ve seen over the years.

For years we have been expecting such a big patch in the latter part of the year. While the patch may not be as transformative as the giant 7.0 patch a few years ago, we’ve seen it in recent years, and hopefully the data will stay fresh for the time to come.

The patch is definitely huge and will take some time for the highly experienced brain to digest. But for some of the unfortunate pro players who are taking part in the Dota Pitt competition this weekend, they will have to adapt soon as they will be the first to return to the matches tomorrow and play on a new patch.

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