Gil do Vigor annoyed by college students’ frenzy: ‘Let them fight’

Gil do Vigor annoyed by college students' frenzy: 'Let them fight'

While in the United States to pursue his doctorate in economics, Gil do Vigor was “annoyed” with his university colleagues. The former BBB spoke about the habit of Americans doing laundry outside the home.

The place he frequents has three washers and three dryers, but many forget their clothes in the machine and, therefore, line the lives of those who need to use them.

In Stories, he described the strategy he had developed for his laundry. “People go and leave their clothes there. What did I do? I take things off, leave them outside and let them fight. I’m sure they’ll never forget.”

Gill also said that he monitors the operating times of each machine, so that he can remove them quickly, leaving free space for the next machine.

“I want to do my laundry from Monday. Today is Saturday. People here have to understand that this isn’t Joanna’s mother’s house,” said the former “BBB 21” contestant. After a while, he showed that his “method” worked.

“Look? Everything is working fine. Everyone is organized,” said Gil do Vigor, showing all the washing machines in operation.

“When he sees the clothes outside, he picks them up. He has to teach the kids.”

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