Gil do Vigor reveals how long he should stay in the United States

Gil do Vigor reveals how long he should stay in the United States

gil do vigoro Was one of the guest judges of “Super Dance” shown during “Domingo” on TV Globo this Sunday (4). host James Leifert The former BBB asked about his move to the United States, where Gill hopes to pursue a PhD in economics. Recently hired by Rio Station, the former BBB reveals that he should put his impressive life away, but surprised her by saying that he intends to live abroad for at least 6 years.

Gilberto said that he would set aside one day a week for his celebrity engagement and also commented on the sentiment he felt when he found out he had shared the morning with Ana María Braga, in the section “Ta Lascado”, In “Miss Voko”. In conversation with Leifert, Gill said that he had already purchased a ticket to travel to California, on September 3, to study at the University of California at Davis.

“it’s peeled off”

Gil du Vigor would debut with the painting “Ta Lascado”, which featured “more than you“, in daytime 8 July, next Thursday. Every week the former will appear on BBB on ana maria braga To talk a little bit about the economic scenario of our country and to answer questions about the economy and finances of the audience. meaning, This is an opportunity for everyone to learn to take better care of their money..

Gil do Vigor’s painting on “Mais Você” opens on 8 July (Photo: Reproduction)

idea of ​​”it’s chipped“Information and entertainment have to be mixed. Globo felt that Gilberto could be great at explaining things that people usually have more difficulty understanding.” and in a simpler way. In other words, it’s to get everyone out of the red. The best part is that it has been confirmed that this picture will continue even when Gill is pursuing his PhD in California.

Although it hasn’t started yet, ana maria braga Excited about the news. “‘Mais Você’ is a program of service provision, but also entertainment. One of the important issues in the context of the program is ‘money in your pocket’. And as Gill is an economist, he deals with these topics in his own way, talk in a light and fun way, but carry important information to families”, he announced.

“It would be a ‘joy’ thing to have him on the show. But, I’m sure, he won’t let the ‘dogs’ go when he needs it in front of so many ‘sticky’ people in our country”, he said. gil do vigoroObviously, very happy with this achievement.

“It will be a very light partnership with Ana Maria in a super cool setting. I believe she will give me that strength. I love this woman so much and I am so happy,” said the former BBB. “I think people want to listen and learn. Most people think that understanding economics and finance is impossible to put into practice, but it is not. As an economist, let me give you some basic tips and in a simple way. I am leaving”, he said.

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