Gil du Vigor said about PhD in USA: ‘If it works, it works’

Gil du Vigor said about PhD in USA: 'If it works, it works'


It is a fact or event of journalistic interest. This can be new or recent information. It is also related to the novelty of a condition already known.


Mainly considered text. It expresses the view of the author, but not necessarily the opinion of the newspaper. It can be written by journalists or experts from different fields.


Reports that bring out unknown facts or episodes that have a strong content of condemnation. This requires specific techniques and resources.


It is an interpretation of the news, taking into account information that is beyond the facts described. It uses data, bringing in disclosures and scenario projections as well as past references.


Analytical text that translates the vehicle’s official position with respect to the facts covered.


This is an institutional article that addresses a matter of interest to the company sponsoring the report.

fact check

Content that verifies the veracity and authenticity of the information or facts disclosed.


It is the story that brings together subsidiaries, historical data and relevant information to help understand a fact or news story.


Breathtaking reports, which deeply address the various aspects and developments of a given topic. It brings in data, figures, historical context in addition to the stories of characters who are affected or have a direct connection with the topic discussed.


Text with detailed analysis and opinion about products, services and artistic presentations in the most diverse fields such as literature, music, cinema and the visual arts.

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