Giselle Bryant blamed the physical fight between Monique and Monique Samuels and Candice Dillard.

Giselle Bryant blamed the physical fight between Monique and Monique Samuels and Candice Dillard.

I’ve said it before and will say it again – if you don’t see it Potomac’s real haw swivels, You’re seriously missing out. Run, don’t walk, catch up to season 1 and immediately if you have to. For God’s sake, get on the bus with this difference. It’s so good.

One of the central story lines RHOP There is a physical battle between the seasons Monique Samuels And Candias Dillard Bassett. We are hearing it in the news, thanks to the allegations filed by both. But in the end, no one really saw what happened.

Whenever there is a fight, people take sides. Especially duodenum. So it’s no surprise that Castemet Gizelle Bryant Putting two cents on this case. And as it turns out, Giselle is a team with determination Candice.

Gizelle No words tied and told Our weekly“I blame it all Monique“It simply came to our notice then. This should never have happened and it should never have led to physical attention. “He’s right about it. Entertainment can be valuable, but it’s never good when things become physical.

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Gizelle Added, “Candice Is annoying. Like she really is, but can never get to the point where you feel like you want to put a smile on her face. I mean, it’s debatable. But feeling and actually doing it are two different things.

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Because the charges were dropped and dropped, Gizelle “They haven’t seen or talked to each other since that day. We had some things we needed to do as a cast and they were placed just opposite the room. ”

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She continued, “Candice Really hard. It was an emotional thing for her and for a long time she couldn’t talk about it without crying. They will not speak until they are reconnected. ”

Physical fights at home ives never end, especially for the person who throws the first punch. Or tugs on the first strand of hair. And it feels like some Potomac House Swivels Monique Went too far.

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Bravo is not kind to these fights either. So I’m curious to see Monique Will be able to last longer this season. Or if any of his clients want to film with him. It seems Gizelle Could do without him. Will Bravo feel the same way?

Tell us – do you make money fighting boys? Are you a team candidate? Do you think that this war will break out?

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