Global Microsoft Outfit brings down Office 365, Outlook and teams Microsoft

Microsoft has said it is investigating an outage that reduced Microsoft’s cloud-based office services to meeting software around the world, including teams.

Microsoft reported authentication issues for its cloud services on UTC around 9.25pm, meaning people were having trouble logging in to online services teams, Outlook and Office.

Output affected worldwide services.

Microsoft Said People who logged in to an existing 365 session were still able to continue using the service.

“We have made sure that a significant portion of our infrastructure is not responding to timely authentication requests. We are taking evacuation steps on this issue, ”the company said in a status update.

“On the contrary, we are sending traffic to alternative systems to provide more relief to affected users.”

On twitter Blamed the company A recent update to the service that caused the activity, and said the update would be brought back to reduce issues.

At 3 a.m. UTC, Microsoft said services were mostly restored, but a small subset of customers in North America and Asia Pacific were still unable to access the services.

In the midst of the epidemic, services such as teams continued to be important for people to continue working from home. In April, Microsoft reported 75 million daily active users As a result of more people working from home on teams.

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