Goalkeeper Jeanne explains the confusion that has passed for her arrival in Paraguay

Goalkeeper Jeanne explains the confusion that has passed for her arrival in Paraguay

Goalkeeper Jean explained to internet users that the tangle he was going through had landed in Paraguay. Recently hired from Cerro Porteneo, the athlete did not receive a direct flight from Brazil to the South American country due to a certificate from Envisa of yellow fever.

“Speak family, it was supposed to arrive in Paraguay tomorrow, but we were without a certificate of yellow fever detection. We had the vaccine, we have the vaccine card, only it was without the certificate. It was not possible. Paraguay For “, he said, starting with.

Still on the subject, he explained that to avoid travel delays, he chose another route to reach the destination.

“We were about to come straight to Asinasone and as Avisa is closed due to Kovid-19, we were going to take the card only on Monday. We opted to come, cross the border and fly through Foz do Iguacu. Faridabad Of This to Asinson. Cool plane, not even Stayed Scared, he didn’t swing, he was fine. I was a little scared, but it’s gone. We have arrived and we are here in Paraguay. “

Cerro Porteño-PAR announced the signing of goalkeeper Jean from São Paulo, loaned to Atletico-Go. He returned to the São Paulo team after Brasileiro, but was told that he would not be taken advantage of


Sao Paulo Football Director Carlos Belmonte attended the live of reporters Eduardo Tironi and Arnoldo Ribeiro, saying that goalkeeper Jean would not be included in the club’s main team. The player returned to the tricolor squad after being loaned to Atletico-Go last season. The reason for this is the accusation of aggression by Jean’s wife a year ago.

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Bellett said, “The fact that happened is unacceptable. Sao Paulo cannot agree with what happened. He made a mistake and he should pay for this mistake, but after that, he cannot think that his career is over.” Is. This is an unacceptable mistake, “Belchet said.

In December 2019, Jean was arrested in the United States after being accused of assaulting her via video posted on the Internet by her wife Milina Bemfika. The couple was on leave in the country with their two daughters. On January 21, 2020, the Florida State Attorney’s Office requested that the case be dismissed.

São Paulo also suspended Jean’s contract and later loaned Atletico-Go to the goalkeeper.

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