Good news .. Whatsapp surprised its users around the world with a new decision

Good news .. Whatsapp surprised its users around the world with a new decision

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According to the tech site “The Verge”, Facebook decided to back out of its plan, and users who don’t accept the updated policy will not lose the application functions that WhatsApp previously asked the company for public threats. Was declared as part. In accordance with the terms and conditions of the new service to ensure continued use of all features of the messaging service in general.

Earlier this month, “WhatsApp” stated that users rejecting the updated privacy policy would lose some basic functions of the application over time if they did not accept the service-specific policy starting mid-month. Huh.

A WhatsApp spokesperson said: “We want to make it clear that we will not limit the previously scheduled application functions to those who have not yet accepted the update,” adding that no user account will be deleted yet , But they will be constantly reminded. Pop-up message requiring approval on it.

With the new privacy policy coming into force on the 15th of this month, Facebook’s new decision to abandon its plan to use competing messaging applications such as Telegram and Signal to millions of WhatsApp users around the world has come.

The social media giant explained that it will not stop WhatsApp jobs for users who do not accept new terms to retain their user base, which has shrunk over the past months, accepted by angry users. After a big wave of criticism to do. Controversial privacy policy, which is a violation of their privacy.

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And WhatsApp announced that if the updated privacy policy is not approved, users will be able to use specific functions of the application, including receiving calls, responding to messages, or missed calls, starting May 16, Provided that the user’s account will be permanently deleted even after 120 days have passed if he / she rejects the policy.

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