Dangers of public Wi-Fi and how to use VPN safely

Dangers of public Wi-Fi and how to use VPN safely

What is Public Wi-Fi?

We are sure many of you are connected at some point, and continue to do so. Public Wi-Fi network Once, from restaurants, train and bus stations, and even hotels. Public Wi-Fi networks are wireless networks that are open and do not require any type of authentication to enter, although there are also Wi-Fi networks that are public and have a captive portal for authentication of various customers, but Danger in the same way, if any Cybercriminal can capture all information “in listening”, it is included Manipulate it “on the fly”.

Public Wi-Fi networks are so popular because they allow us to save MB in our data rate, moreover, we usually do this when we go abroad on vacation or for work, and they are a foreigner The right choice for mobile broadband network because it is free, And we should not be aware of the data rate and data consumed by our activities on the Internet.

Common actions performed by users of this type of network are to browse social networks, search for news, check email, but it also allows us to check our bank account. Some activities can be really dangerous For our security and privacy, such as moving email or bank account over this type of Wi-Fi wireless network.

Wi-Fi user exposure

The biggest vulnerability of public Wi-Fi networks is A potential cyber criminal can give you a furious attack (Man in the Middle) to capture all Internet traffic, and it will also be able to blow-up all the information that you send to the Internet and the information you receive, to steal information, to get your passwords , And even inject one should have full control of malware on your computer. Such attacks are cybercriminal Is placed in the “center” of communication For the purpose of capturing and modifying whatever it wants, between the client and the Wi-Fi access point.

Of course, it is highly recommended that you do not leave shared folders on your PC without a password, that is, with public access, as a cybercare can use wireless networks to send you malware, so you need to be very careful. And should use your firewall Personal PC.

How to be safe on public Wi-Fi

One of the best ways to ensure that we surf the Internet with the guarantee of security and privacy on public Wi-Fi networks, also known as using virtual private networks VPN. A VPN protects all communication going to and from the PC, as it VPN will tunnel all traffic through the server, For the purpose that all tuned traffic is fully encrypted and authenticated, in such a way that cybercriminal will not read anything at all, nor can they modify any data, because the VPN will detect that the integrity of the data There has been a failure, and therefore, will not accept the “modifications” that have been made.

Internally, what does a VPN do on a PC Traffic directly to VPN server, And later we will access the Internet via the public IP of the VPN server, and not directly with the Internet connection of the public Wi-Fi network provider, it Guarantees that no one can spy on us Communications, very few modify them. While not all VPNs are the same, there are better VPNs that guarantee good data encryption, while other VPNs can cause security problems such as DNS leaks, weakening the extra security you get when using them. .

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