Windows 10: An update will improve remote work

La próxima gran actualización de Windows 10 se llamará 21H1 y llegará en este primer semestre

Microsoft Is officially presented next Big update Windows 10 operating system, 21 h 1, For him First half of 2021, In which it has initiated a dissemination process using service technology and is Focused on reforms for remote workers.

Windows 10 update 21H1 will use the same proliferation process as the second half of 2020, which is faster because it uses the same system as the monthly update, As confirmed by Microsoft through a statement.

The innovation of Windows Update focuses on improving aspects such as “security, remote access and quality”, which according to Microsoft are the main requirements expressed by users of the system.

Windows 10 introduces new features like 21 H1 Multi-camera support for Windows Hello login system, Which defaults to the time when external cameras or computers are connected to the underlying webcam.

New security features have also been added to Windows 10, and there will be improvements to its antivirus, Windows Defender, and an adaptation to the time it takes to open documents.

Additionally, Microsoft has expanded Tools provided to corporate network administrators for remote work, Which now improve their performance for telecommunications scenarios.

While the update process will be faster for Windows 10 users who have already installed the update for the second half of 2020, those who use versions prior to May 2020 will have to go through the same process that was previously used .

This new version of the software will not implement major changes compared to its predecessor, as Microsoft had already upgraded this week when it decided that it needed substantial changes in terms of hardware compatibility.

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