Google apologizes to Kannada world – Search giant’s reaction to ‘dirty language’ controversy Google apologizes for showing Kannada as ‘world’s ugliest language’

Google apologizes to Kannada world - Search giant's reaction to 'dirty language' controversy  Google apologizes for showing Kannada as 'world's ugliest language'


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Published: Thursday, June 3, 2021, 22:27 [IST]

It is known that the results of a Google search for Kannada as an obscene language caused a serious controversy. The owners of Google should apologise because the entire Kannada world is angry with this. Google has apologized for the mistake, which has hurt the sentiments of Kannada people. Also clarified that these views were in fact irrelevant to Google.

‘Search results are not always accurate. Sometimes, the way content is described on the Internet for some questions is surprising. We know this is not correct. So we take corrective action as soon as we find the problem. We are constantly working to improve the relevant algorithm. In fact, the content shown in the search results does not fall within the opinion of Google. However, we do apologize for the misunderstanding and for hurting public sentiments.’ Google clarified.

Google apologizes for showing Kannada as the ugliest language in the world

The controversy started when Google search results showed Kannada as an obscene language in India. The entire Kannada world was stunned as it went viral on the internet. Many companies, including the government, have warned of legal action against Google. Google was immediately alerted and removed the content and apologized.

On the other hand, netizens are posting on social media to show the greatness of Kannada. The history of Kannada language is 2500 years old… It is said that 60 million people speak this language. It is to be known that so far 8 people have been deprived of Jnanpith awards in Kannada literature. It is remembered as one of the oldest Dravidian languages. Hettu says that every language has its own uniqueness and nothing should be underestimated.

english summary

Google courted controversy on Thursday morning with angry netizens sharply criticizing the search engine giant for showing Kannada as the ‘ugliest language in the world’, the California-based tech company for hurting the sentiments of Indian people. Apology issued. Arguing that search results are not always accurate, a Google spokesperson acknowledged on Thursday that the search result was not ideal and does not “reflect Google’s opinion”.

Story first published: Thursday, June 3, 2021, 22:27 [IST]

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