Google Doodle represents the vast combination of Mercury and Saturn

Google Doodle represents the vast combination of Mercury and Saturn

The Google Doodle celebrates the great combination and arrival of winter.


The smallest day of the year is going to be a big show.

On Monday, as the North Golisfull winter begins by coincidence, we also have a rare and spectacular view into the sky: Great combination.

During the show, the two largest planets in our solar system, Jupiter and Saturn, will appear very close to each other, as if they are overlapping to form a double planet. The last time such a scene was taken with us was in the Middle Ages – about 800 years ago.

Some associate it with the infamous Bethlehem star who guided three wise men in the Bible’s birth story.

To celebrate the first day of winter and the great combination that occurs on the same day, Google has created an animated doodle showing Saturn giving a high-five as it moves around its solar system.

Coincidence occurs when two astronomical objects appear close to the sky when viewed from Earth. From our point of view, these two giant planets will appear only a tenth of a degree, although they are actually about 450 million miles apart.

The two planets converge every 19.6 years, but this is the first time since 1226 that the pair coincided at night and the Earthlings were able to witness it.

As soon as the sun sets, a close-up view of the southwestern sky will be easily visible to the naked eye.

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