Google explains why the Pixel 6 fingerprint reader is sometimes slow

Google explains why the Pixel 6 fingerprint reader is sometimes slow

Nowadays all models and high-end phones have a fingerprint reader. Google was the only original equipment manufacturer to use a good old rear-end capacitive fingerprint reader on its smartphones. but that has finally changed Pixel 6 Series that comes with a fingerprint reader. However, in recent weeks we have seen several consumer complaints that the Pixel 6/6 Pro fingerprint reader is a bit slow and sometimes unreliable. Google has now explained a bit why a sensor sometimes becomes sluggish.

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In response to a Pixel 6 user tweet complaining about the unreliable operation of the fingerprint reader, Google has revealed that the Pixel 6 fingerprint reader uses advanced security algorithms that can sometimes delay or directly interact with the sensor. may be required.

Google hasn’t confirmed whether to release a software patch to remove your fingerprint reader’s display. However, as we reported last week, there’s an easier way to do it Speed ​​up the slow Pixel 6 scanner at the bottom of the screen. and Pixel 6 Pro. all you have to do is Settings > Display And toggle off the setting labeled “Enhance touch sensitivity.” Several users have reported that enabling this setting has indeed improved their fingerprint reader. As Google states in the file Pixel 6 Support Page, the scanner may not work as expected in bright outdoor sunlight with a simple screen protector or smudges on the screen.

    The Pixel 6 comes with a fingerprint reader under the screen, a new Google Tensor chip, a revamped design and a basic camera.

Google released a file earlier this month Fingerprint Sensor Calibration Tool For Pixel 6 series. This tool allows Pixel 6 owners to re-calibrate the fingerprint reader after a screen replacement.

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