Google has launched a new app that wants to eliminate paperwork at home

Google has launched a new Android app called Stack, which it currently defines as “experience”. If it proves itself, the app will be more widely distributed, but at the moment it is officially available to download only for Android devices, and only in the US. Download apk file And thus geographical restrictions are relatively easily mitigated, although iPhone users remain out of the picture for now.

And what does Stack know to do? It is only an application that is an option for desktop document scanners, but its advantage in dozens of different applications in the field is automated detection and cataloging capabilities based on Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) mechanism. The application is able to identify and differentiate between these receipts, bills, letters received from the bank, identity cards and passports, prescriptions, flight tickets, car licenses and more, each of these screens is automatically saved in the Google Drive service Right folder.

The app also performs automatic text decoding (OCR) for each document, and excludes important information that will immediately appear as an account, phone number, or payment deadline in case of flight dates. All text of the document can be searched independently, but it should be emphasized that the text decoding feature works only in English.

The stack is free to use, although documents stored in the Google Drive service occupy part of the storage space, and therefore scanning multiple documents can fill a tightness of storage space and allow the user to access additional features through the Google One service. Will need to buy space. The benefit is, of course, an exemplary (and automated) order of all paperwork scattered around the house, in favor of a secure and easy-to-find digital archive.

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