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Following the cancellation of last year, this year’s Google I / O Developers Conference will be held on May 19, Beijing time at 1 pm. Regarding the content included in the inaugural address, Google said: “Please pay attention to understand how we can further our mission, organize global information and make it universally accessible and useful. Huh.” So what are the highlights of this conference? Let’s look together.

More information about Android 12

Under normal circumstances, Google will announce several features and functions of the new version of the Android system at the annual I / O Developer Conference, and we anticipate that this year will be no exception. Google has released some developer previews for Android 12. Most of these previews have brought several elaborate adjustments and developer-centric features. But at the I / O conference, Google may reveal some user-oriented features in Android 12, including some major user interface changes, such as a new lock screen with stacked gadgets and large clock text.

● Renewal of Google’s core services

In previous I / O developer conferences, Google also likes to share major updates to its services and software. Over the past few years, we’ve seen Google use I / O to announce a few things, such as Google Maps’s Incognito mode, new assistant voice, and a Google duplex demo, in which Google Assistant allows salons to make appointments. Makes the call. . Google may plan to introduce some such exciting new features.

● Pixel Buds A Series

We already know that the company is developing a new Pixel Buds True Wireless headset, probably to be unveiled at this year’s I / O conference. Google confirmed that this headset will support Google’s fast coupling experience and provide “high-quality sound”. As part of the A Series, this headset is expected to be cheaper than Google’s current $ 179 pixel buds, but still features touch control.

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Pixel 5A

Google officially announced Pixel 5A 5G in AprilCellphoneRumor to be canceled. But we might not see much information at this year’s Google I / O conference. When Google announced the upcoming mobile phone, the company said it would be available later this year in the United States and Japan, consistent with last year’s launch of the A-series mobile phone. The Pixel 4A, 4A 5G and Pixel 5 were announced in early August last year, so it looks like we may have to wait a while to see the official performance of Google’s next mid-range phone.

Optimized processor

There are rumors that Google will develop its own chips, which will be used in its own Pixel model. Developers found traces of Google’s self-developed chips in Android open source code. The developer found two keywords whitechapel and p21 in Android source code. Among them, Whitechapel is the codename of Google’s self-developed chip, and may be the P21 Pixel 2021, meaning Google will release the model this year.



According to Pixel’s naming rules, the model that Google will release this year is Pixel 6, so P21 can be Pixel 6. It seems that the Whitechapel chip will be used in Pixel 6. Earlier, Google employees indicated that Google’s new-generation Pixel phones would use Whitechapel chips, but specific details of the Whitechapel chips are temporarily unknown.

● There may be some surprises

Although Google’s privacy of new products is not very strict, Google will always bring some new products that surprise us at I / O conferences.

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