Google introduces data restore tool on PlayStore

Google introduces data restore tool on PlayStore

Google’s mobile operating system includes various background services and applications that do not show up in the launcher. The Data Restore tool allows you to restore various data when you first start a new Android phone and log in to your account. Now this app is available on play store.

The tool has been part of the Android user experience for a long time, but Google added it as a public app available for download in the Play Store in recent days.

This is partly due to the update of the application. However, the option to download the new version appears only when a person opens the app page manually. Additionally, it doesn’t appear in the general “Application and Device Management” list.

It looks like the Data Restore tool isn’t already installed on the Pixel running Android 11, and trying to get the update causes an error. Apart from this, Android 12 beta also has a new UI influenced by inside apps and even the Materia U.

Anyway, people who download the app see an option to copy their data as soon as they run it. However, there are reports that say they get an error message after pressing first next.

Generally public data restore tool does not allow data recovery after device configuration is complete. From there, the app on PlayStore displays the version code 1.0.382048734 and 1 billion downloads have been done.

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