Google is shutting down its anonymous operating system, Android, for IoT products

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Motine V, California-based technology company Google is scrapping Android Things, the company’s heavy strip-da, n, for Android-based operating system Internet of Things (IoT). According to an FAQ page from Google’s Android Developers Forum, the company has been asked to shut down Android Things completely early next year. In its post, Google said it had announced an update on the commercial use of the Android Things platform for device makers. Following those updates, the company stated that it was rejecting the Android Things console for non-commercial use.

From January 5, 2021, Android Things will stop supporting new projects and on January 5, 2022, the Android Things console will be discontinued for all existing projects and all project data will be permanently erased – including build configuration and factory image. Include. Soon, the only product that can run Android Things will be made by commercial hardware SOM (system-on-module) vendors like NXP, Qualcomm, and MediaTek, but only available to certain OEM partners who Makes smart speakers and smart. Display, Google said. Google has released frequently asked questions around the Android Things shutdown to address inquiries about current projects and the future of Android products.

Google had earlier stated that the updates were distributed centrally by the company every three years, preventing manufacturers from modeling the OS. The platform, however, was not able to gain popularity and Google began to focus more on other IoT platforms like Google Smart Home, which remains the company’s premier platform for IoT products. Google launched Android Things for IoT devices in December 2016.

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