Google is unplugging another service

Google is unplugging another service

When it comes to Google, Closed Service News It has become a habit of many people. There is even a site where these shutdown services are collected. Of course, if you are a company as big as Google by trial and error Many services You have to present it to the users. because of this reason, Google Cloud Print ServiceWill not be the last unplugged service.

So many services are closed to Google users Question Mark This can cause it to happen.

End of the road for Google Cloud Print service

Most Internet users, probably Cloud printHe did not use it even once. Cloud print for traditional printers years ago With limited access Or no access ChromeOS users Made for However, nowadays ChromeOS in CloudOS has very wide support for printers An ineffective service Has been made.

Cloud print, Share printer with friends There is no reason that Google should continue this service, even though it has some unique capabilities. By google Cloud print Decision taken for service On 31 December 2020 will come true. If you prefer to use the service for any reason, you can Before new year’s eve Be sure to complete.

Chrome os Users must change their default printer. Google, which does not forget its users, uses the cloud print service Users who don’t know how to move Published a guide for. For a guide published by Google From here you can reach.

Google, the last popular messaging app Hangouts It was decided to close it.

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