Google Maps Fuel Economy Mode and Augmented Reality | Map and location

Google Maps Fuel Economy Mode and Augmented Reality |  Map and location

Google announced new features for Maps on Tuesday (30). New works expected for this year include the possibility of using live view in real time in closed spaces such as shopping malls, airports and train and metro stations, permanent routes with low emission routes of polluting gases, and transportation. Prioritizing paths are the most commonly used by users.

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Brazil is not one of the countries where the initial testing of resources will be done, but, according to Google, it is expected that the new works will reach more countries in the future. The search giant claims that more than 100 improvements to maps using Augmented Reality (AR) will be made available in 2021.

Maps will have new features in 2021: “environmentally friendly” routes, live views at airports and updates on public transport routes; See what’s new – Photo: Carolina Ochondroff / TechTudo

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New works are gradually being released in a few cities in the United States, Japan, Australia, India, and some countries in Europe. Below, you can see what these features are and how they will be introduced by Google in the company’s map application.

Look inside the house

It will be possible to use live view indoors like airports and shopping malls – Photo: Disclosure / Google

Live View, a resource capable of guiding users with arrows and direction signals, which will begin to operate in closed environments such as commercial malls, trains and metro stations and airports. For example a facility that uses augmented reality technology to determine the position and orientation of something or a person, for example in which way to reach a store at the mall or airport check-in counter Is capable.

The function can be accessed at some locations, including shopping malls in American cities such as Chicago, Long Island, Los Angeles, Newark, San Jose, San Francisco, and Seattle, and available in apps for Android and iPhone (iOS) is. It is forecast that the resource will arrive in establishments in Zurich, Switzerland and Tokyo, Japan in a few months.

More information about weather and air quality

The map will allow you to consult data on air quality and climatic conditions – Photo: Disclosure / Google

Some areas of the map will also bring more information about climate and air quality. For example, it would be possible to check the temperature and weather in the travel area before leaving home. The user can also examine data on the characteristics of the wind, which is useful to know if the air is healthy, polluted or even if there is a fire hazard in an area.

Resources on climate data will be available within a few months and, according to the company, will be accessible to Android and iPhone (iOS) users worldwide. The work that allows testing the air quality of a region will initially be valid only for Australia, India and the United States.

More environmentally friendly route options

The “environmentally friendly” route will allow you to choose routes that use less fuel – Photo: Disclosure / Google

The maps will also bring a feature capable of showing the results of more “eco-friendly” routes, with suggestions for routes that have lower emissions of polluting gases, and that optimize fuel consumption. These routes take into account the potential slope on the track and are in sections with traffic jams, and should show more sustainable routes as standard.

However, it will be possible to modify the app’s settings if the user chooses to always reorganize the fastest route. The work will be made available in the United States later this year and is expected to expand globally in the months that follow.

In addition, Maps will also send alerts when the user enters an area prohibiting more polluting vehicles, which is useful to know if it will be necessary to take another route. The alerts will be valid in some European countries, such as Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, France and the United Kingdom and should hit Maps in June this year.

When it comes to alternate routes, Maps will prioritize the means of transport used by its users. This means that if you take a subway, Maps will show the first subway route. But, if you like biking or walking, the routes will be based on these modes of transport.

It is easy to take orders at delivery stores

Maps – Photo: Disclosure / It will be possible to check the information of delivery restaurants and establishments through Google

With the increase of snacks and groceries delivery and removal orders in stores due to the Kovid-19 epidemic in the world, Google will launch a feature that can make life easier for users that are typically found in stores and restaurants Give orders

In addition to being able to obtain more rapid information about the installation, it will be possible to import order data into maps with the function. Thus, the Google app will send a notification when the user has to leave home to take your order, and will also notify you of the arrival of your arrival to withdraw the purchase. This function will, for now, only apply to stores and supermarkets in the United States.

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