GOOGLE PHOTOS BILLS COMING SOON: Save photos and videos on time or Google will delete them

GOOGLE PHOTOS BILLS COMING SOON: Save photos and videos on time or Google will delete them

Check how much space you have left, we have made different options for you!

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application Google photo Is actually one of the company’s best services Google, And it has been in existence since 2015 and offers unlimited free storage of photos, even those high quality images, but will no longer do so.

Announcing that change last November, Fr. Why did we inform you, Now the free option is ending!

Starting June 1, Google photo Will charge if you have more than 15 gigabytes of full memory. In other words, the quality of the photo or video you upload does not matter Google photo, That material will trust you Google one Memory, and to continue uploading, you have to pay!

It should be noted that all the data you upload before the beginning of June will not count in the 15 gigabyte range, he explains. Digitaltrend, Will only count the content you upload from the beginning of this change. The official blog notes that images and videos of users who exceed the total limit of 15 GB will be removed after two years. This should mean that you have until 1 June 2023 to download and record your old pictures and videos in a safe place. Forgets.

We welcome such a move as users will not recover themselves once the new limit is implemented, and there will be ample time to decide whether to pay for the additional space. Click on the highlighted part of this sentence to check How much space do you have.

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As the company notes, many users will not be required to pay for additional space, the reason being that 80% of users will not charge 15 gigabytes for at least the next three years, at least that much Google. for example, Apple iCloud Provides only 5 GB of free cloud space.

Google photo Is a part Google one The cloud ecosystem is made up of other services such as Google Drive, Gmail, Etc … if you decide in any way Google one, This service also provides free VPN service for Android If you subscribe to two or more terabytes of cloud memory.

cost Google one Similar to many such services, for two dollars a month you can get 100 GB of memory, three dollars for 200 GB, ten dollars for two TB and for $ 150 a user gets 30 TB. We will warn you and you can take a look while this limit comes into force Free data storage options That we have prepared for you.

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Are you ready for a new ban?

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