Google Play introduces a new application format. apk ends there

Google Play introduces a new application format.  apk ends there

In a blog post a few days old, Google informed application developers that it no longer relies on the current distribution format they and users have been using for years. already installed APK packages in this official database will replace the so-called Android App Bundles or AABs. The authors of the application will be bound to switch to the new format from October this year. However, the condition will only apply to newly published applications or games.

aab android app bundle

What does this change mean for end users? We don’t really know anything during a normal download from the Play Store, except perhaps to download the small amount of data that AAB has to come with. However, with respect to alternative application sources, where people used to download APK files directly, there would be slight complications. Since the new format will really only be for the Play Store, other servers will probably need it. Wait for release or update a while. Although Google will keep authors for older APK variations, the delivery of dual content may take longer.

Interestingly, Google actually released the news a few hours later. Microsoft announced with great glory installation options and Launch APK Files in New Windows 11. So it’s a question of how effectively a larger package of applications and games will be affected in the end.

How often do you find APK files outside the Play Store?

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