Google Play Music is finally dead, rip another much loved Google service

Google Play Music is finally dead, rip another much loved Google service

We know it’s been a long time coming but it hasn’t stopped us from mourning its demise but it’s official now – Google Play Music is finally dead.

Surfing on On either Android or iOS app you will now be greeted with the message “Google Play Music Not Available”. The new message, of course, gives you the option to download, download, delete your Recommended History, or delete your Music Library, not to convert to UT MusicB Music.

The new message seems to be the final nail in the coffin of GPM and while it is very frustrating for most of us, it is something we know has been coming for a long time. At the same time Google has tried to make UTI Music as much as possible to make music as good as possible but let’s face it, GPM was a mature app and service, transforming it into an emerging app in its infancy like That YTM never happens. Going to give the same experience.

If you haven’t moved your library to YTM or want to download the head of your music library to and set it to play – by the end of the month you will always have this information Before losing for. We have a lot of readers who have switched from Google’s music service to others and we have no doubt that Google can struggle to keep a lot of users – hopefully one day they can make YTB in such a place. Where it is intelligent, feature-packed and user-friendly GPM. C and can lure users back.

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Meanwhile, another Google service says dust – Rip GPM.

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